Nikkis 66 dart 270 daily driver.

We are bringing "Sally" (Nikki named her after a character in the movie Nightmare Before Christmas because they are about the same color.) home tomorrow and I am going to do some upgrades before I let Nikki drive her so I figured that I will start a thread in the "Early A" section.

Here is what I have in mind so far...
Car is a 66 Dart 270 with a 225/904/7 1/4

-Adjust the valves.

-New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and distributer for a 73 and up Dart

-2bbl conversion (I have all the parts collecting dust on the shelf already)

-Maybe a new oil pump. The sending unit looked new so I will check the pump when I hook up a mechanical gauge. (I got the last 3 oil pumps nation wide when Pep Boys had them on closeout for $3.19 each)

-(You guys will hate me for this) 96-02 GM Coil/HEI/heatsink set up for the ignition.

I have been doing the HEI swaps in mopars for years (the first one was based off of Goldduster318's website a long time ago) and they are 1000% better than anything Mopar ever put out. Face it Ma Mopar could make some kick ass motors but when it came to electronics 3 retarded monkeys and a blind wombat could do a better job!

-GM one wire alternator and the madelectrical bypass. Done it before and it worked better than any mopar alternator ever could.

-14" wheels (Thanks again Redscampi)

-New shocks.

-New silverstar headlights (I have them in my 73 and they work great!)

-New fuses and bulbs all around weather they need it or not.

-Brake parts where they are needed.

-Oil/filter motor and tranny changed along with new fluid in the rearend.

-New T-stat.

-Hoses and belts where they are needed.


What else can you guys think of?

You can expect a lot of pics on this one as soon as she comes home tomorrow.
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