Next Wednesday

My eldest daughter Danielle has wanted children but had trouble conceiving after a miscarriage. She and her husband spent their life's savings for some big help with medicine. She was pregnant with triplets but lost one early. Seven weeks ago she went into labor and has not been able to leave her hospital room while they keep her from delivering the boy and girl, so they can grow. They're both 4 pounds each and appear to be healthy, so next Wednesday they'll surgically bring them into the world.

On Monday it will be both Danielle and Deb's birthday. It would be nice to have three generations of the first born have their birthday on March 3rd, but her doctor says March 5th is safer.

A lot of couples go through a lot to have kids, but I've never known anyone go through more than Danielle. Then again years ago this wouldn't have even been possible no matter how much you had to spend trying. Kinda weird in my family as I had four brothers and three sisters, and I have five kids, even after Deb losing four to miscarriage. My parents have over 30 grandchildren and may exceed that in great grand children if they can hang in there a few more years.
Author: BK