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Ginger gets paint and body

Had bodywork and repaint on my Magnum:

BK’s New Race Rig

Motorhome and Stacker

Back in June I ordered a new coach. Although It wasn’t going to be ready until November, they had to have my old coach…

Making an old Race Far Trailer almost new

Old Aluminum Trailer

I may have posted some of this previously, but I’ll sum it up in one post.

Last year, I bought a mid-90s…

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Nov 5 Devo

A man’s house was on fire.

At the first sign of smoke the man rushed to the store to buy a fire extinguisher, but when he returned, the fire had…

How do you determine proper tire size for your car for running 1/4 mile

OK – so, I am considering going with a 4-Link kit from Auto Weld Chassis for my ’73 Dart Sport project to go drag racing. They have some nice looking…

October 31 Devo

Things We Must Do

The word ‘must’ means, “Something that needs to be done, necessity, or certainty.Notice some of the things that we need to do,…