Newbie needing info — 440/4spd into 71 Demon?

Okay, i've read through a bunch of threads on there and have seen a ton of information on this build which is awesome -- thanks to everyone for that!

I have a 71 340 Demon that I plan on doing stock, meaning stock exterior and stock interior with the exception of a pistol grip in-between the buckets. I have a 71 440 6pak long block which needs to be rebuilt and both e/b body 4speeds.

So my questions include:

I'm looking to get a minimum of 500hp out of my six pak, i'm hoping to come across a set of a-body 440 manifolds to keep from doing any major mods, and yes, im keeping the six pak on top rather than a 4bbl, so what would i expect to spend on a rebuild like this?

I've read up on what to use transmission wise, but havent found a clear cut answer yet -- in terms of a 4speed, what should I be looking for? Most likely an 18 spline, but from what?

Lastly, it seems like a lot of people are saying to stay Away from 8 3/4's and just put in a Dana 60 --why? My Demon has a factory 8 3/4 with 3:91 sure grip gear setup in her, is that not going to be enough, or should I splurge for the Dana? If I choose the Dana 60, like the question above, what am I looking for when buying one?

Everything else seems to have already been decided -- big block radiator, torsion bars, have to have manual steering and brakes, etc. etc.

Thanks a bunch for any information! :toothy10:
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