New Young Gun!

Hey guys, it's WingCharger.8) Some of you may know me from the forum. I am 14 years old, and I am a mopar addict.:read2: I was told about this forum from a fellow member here and on DodgeCharger, named C_stripes.

I love A-Bodies; with my dream being a 1971 Dodge Demon 340 4spd, black on black, with a bit of '70s influence.:headbang:

I also like '73 Dusters, and '74 Dart Sports, all with 340/360 4spds. Of course that is all a dream right now, I don't have a project YET. I wish I could find one, but when ever I see a derelict muscle A-Body in somebodys yard, my dad won't let me stop and ask if it is for sale. He says "You Don't Just Stop and Ask If Something is For Sale.":wack:

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself to y'all, and hope I contribute something to somebody.:newb:

Oh, and hey, wheres the For C Bodies Only Forum?:smile: (I love the vintage land yachts!)
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