new to the forums, but always in love with my A-body

my '72 pymouth scamp is my pride and joy. her name is Janis, and she truly means the world to me. she was the first car i ever was able to drive, and i hope that my high school sweetheart stays in my family forever. she's all original 53K mile car, with only a few exceptions- in my young stupidity of my freshman year, i thought it wise to try to hot rod her, so i tried putting on 360 "J" heads. i've decided the stockers are to be rebuilt and put back on, as there was nothing wrong with them in the first place, just need a little tightening up. the vinyl had started to decay, so i had a guy in San Antonio redo the top after i had the rust removed and the whole top section prepped. he did an amazing job! the seats are original, so i had them wrapped in protective clear plastic. custom fitted, gives that classic "grandma drives it to church" look. enough explaining, let me show you my pride and joy!

pardon the ridiculous haircut- what can i say? i'm in college!

sorry for the long introduction. i'm very happy to be on this forum so i can learn as much as possible about Janis, and treat her the way she deserves to be treated.:love7:
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