New to Mopar here..

My dad purchased a 67 Barracuda back in the early 90's. He started to work on it, but due to poor health it ended up sitting. He gave the car to me and my plan is to restore it and give it to my son when he turns 16.

When my dad purchased the car the internet was not as popular. He was told the car was a Formula S 383, but when I checked the VIN # the car appears to have been an original 273 car..

BH29D72194426 is the VIN on the car. The other weird part is when I showed the car to a friend he swears the car is a 68 Barracuda. You can tell the car had previous front end repair. I am wondering if someone decided to make it a 68 Formula S clone then? What do you guys think? Here are some pictures.. The ONLY VIN left on the car is inside the driver door. All the other VINs information on the car is gone.

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