New Project /6 4-speed :)

I found a 833-OD LOCAL woo hoo. It's from an 82 van but I'm not scared. I talked to the guy last night and I'm heading down tonight to pick it up. It's not everything I need for the conversion but it's really cheap. He says he's got 2 bellhousings with it one alum and one steel for a v8.
I'm thinking I'll sell the v8 bell and have enough to get the /6 bell if he doesn't have one. I'm stoked.
Anyone run a late 4-speed behind a /6?? is it all the fun I hope it will be?
Also I plan on putting in a hydrolic clutch master anyone have any info?
Also Also, I have a spare driveshaft, where would one look to have it shortened for the long tail 833?
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