new member with questions

Hi,Just found this sight. I have a question. I have a b5 blue 69 fastback with original numbers matching 383/auto that is a driver. In the barn sits a rust free black on black 4 speed 69 fastback with original trans, date code correct 383(not numbers matching) that is begging to be restored. I have always wanted a customized black fastback with modern engine/trans/brakes and suspension with maybe a supercharged 5.7 or a 6.1 that I could drive anywhere anytime. This black car has everything I need to return it to bone stock however.
So the question is,do I turn this rare car in to the car I want, or sell it to someone who will make it stock and return it to original condition, then try to find something less rare to convert? I doubt I will ever find another fast back this solid though.
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