New member from Ohio – ’65 ‘cuda

Hey guys!!!!

My name's Chuck. Thanks for having me on your forums. I just got a absolutely original 65 Barracuda a couple of weeks ago from Vance Cummins. If the name sounds familiar, he's THE ROD SHOP racing team.

He was kind enough to sell me my car (Caroline) since it is Carolina Blue....

Slant 6, automatic on the floor and totally stock down to every nut and bolt. 117,000 well cared for miles.

My initials stand for Dead Body Guy as I have a part time job and hobby of playing dead bodies on TV and in movies. I'll post pics soon.

You can check out my website or you can do a search for me (Chuck Lamb) on to see some of the stuff I have been in.

Thanks again for having me and I look forward to learning a bunch about my new car. I have wanted an A Body for a very long time and the time was just right and the car was just right.


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