New Kid in Wisconsin

Hey everybody what's up. I'm from Janesville Wi I've been going on this site for years so I figured I'd become a member. I'm one of a few Mopars in this GM town(the plant just closed here) I have a nice 74 Duster that I like to drag race and show, there's also a lot of street action around here in the summer. I got into Mopars from my dad who has like 9 or 10 of them, we resto ourselves, drive em, race em, whatever we feel like, they were built to be beat so beat em. My stuff is slow for now but I'm workin on that. It's a 360 with a .450 cam, headers, exhaust and that's it lol, still has a cast iron intake. my best is 14.55 at 97 with a bad launch(stock converter needs to go) I was planning a magnum head swap but I got laid off today so guess not. I hope your site is as cool as it looks.:cheers: If you're in Wisconsin check out and use white74dust as your refferal.
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