New heart

I've been patient! I've waited and waited. Then yesterday I found it. A 2001 360 complete, just taken out of a wrecked dodge p/u. Are you ready for this? I bought it for $100.00!!!!! Now for the fun part. I want to put a regular intake manifold and carb on it. I think I know how to do it but could use some advice. I'll be putting it in my 66 barracuda. I know about replacing the dist. but what else is important? Any help would be great and I'll keep ya'll up to date on my build.

O.k. God is working here! Just got off the phone with a mechanic buddy and he is going to sell me a perfect 727 with all the linkage filler tube and hardware for what? A hundred bucks!!! I went from at least a 6 month wait to getting it all in 2 days for $200 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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