New Guy from Indiana

Hi all, first I just want to give a little information on me as this is my first post on your forum. I am a collector car hobbyist and have been involved in the hobby since 1994 when I purchased a 1966 Pontiac 2+2 convertible. Two years ago I started looking for another rare Pontiac, the 1977 Pontiac Lemans Can Am and ran across one in Illinois. I only looked at this one and ended up buying it. The 2+2 was a car that needed to be restored to bring it to the condition it is now. It took me about 5 years and was a serious learning experience. One thing I learned is not to take stuff apart and put the parts in Pringles potato chip cans. That will cause a serious headache down the road when you start to put stuff back together again, and you have screws left over and no clue as to where they go. The Can Am is one of those survivor cars, original paint, decals, only 55K miles, original interior, etc. The only mods were saved for the drivetrain. Ram Air III cam, heads, 3.90 rear, performance shift kit, some chrome work under the hood, headers, dual exhaust system, and a functional shaker scoop. The original owner saved all the original parts so the car can be brought back to factory specs. I am very active when it comes to car shows and cruises and I enjoy showing and going to cruises with my cars. Hard part is deciding which car is going to go.

Just last month I started a new business called Royal Automotive and I offer collector car services. Site is Now I realize that some forums do not want people soliciting or promoting their business. First, I would not call this an advertisement as I am not asking anyone to buy anything from me and I am not offering any specials or deals on services. What I am asking is that you visit my site and comment on it. Give me the good, the bad, and the ugly. If this business is going to work I will need other hobbyists input. I have learned quite a bit from a lot of different people during my 14 years in the hobby and I believe by asking other hobbyists about my business, I can gain a lot of constructive input. To any administrators who are unhappy that I posted my web site, let me know what kind of advertising opportunities you have. I did the hard part of creating a website, now I have to advertise my company and I am looking for advertising opportunities in all media. Anyway, I intend to be active on the forum and hope to get to know you guys. Who knows, I may know some of you already if you are active in car shows and cruises in the Northwest Indiana area. You may not always know the persons name, but you always seem to remember their rides.
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