new engine problem

today we fired the new big block in my 74 dart swinger.
it has:
14.5.1 forged domed ross pistons
m1 intake,
ported and polished factory heads-flowed upper 290's
284 dur.-690 lift ultradyne roller cam
comp roller lifters
.30 over motor
msd ignition
eagle h beam rods
balanced steel crank
sfi fluidamper
forward pattern manual valve body
running 118 octane fuel.
elephan ear mounts.
Problem is the engine fired first 1/2 turn.The rumble of that motor gave me a big ole woody;
then 20 sec. after running seen a poof of something out the right side. darn thing blew a head gasket at #6. was dripping on the floor. pulled the plug and the cylinder was full of water. So off the head has to come tomorrow. everything was checked and was ok and straight. I guess maybe it was a bad head gasket?
running the felpro 1009 o-ring gaskets. Has anyone had this problem.
cam sounds awesome in the car. cannot wait to see how it runs at the strip. my friend has same motor with alittle smaller cam.
he just ran a 10.22 at monster mopar spinning the tires about 300 ft out.
he did trip the 60 ft light with the back tires.
he thinks mine will run 9.8-9.90's. I can't wait. Just have to get this headgasket problem fixed. This is all motor. No power adders.
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