New AWB build.

Hello to all--

We'll. I've embarked on yet another trip down Chrysler Alley. I"ve changed gears a bit, most likely due to the constant badgering by my b-body buddies. I've really got the ball rolling on my '64 Polara altered wheelbase car. Here is a link to the build progress, on a day to day schedule. There will be several other cars coming and going, but this ones my new baby, much like the '64 Dart, "Identity Crisis" was:

Alot of past experiance will go into this build, as well as some new tricks. Its all about the evolution of these cars. The first thing obvious to all will be the Chrysler block. THANK GOODNESS you say. AMEN, I say!!

I'll be swapping over to the sister b-bodies only site, but my roots are still in the a-bodies. Next Chrysler AWB will be hopefully, a Barracuda (HUH???) or a low slung Valiant long nose (HUH, again???!!!) But, just because its a b-body, does not mean that alot of this can still be applied to the A's. No how-to video on this one, just dive in deep, and hope it all comes out to the better!!

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