Need fast WIW answer…

Hey guys! I found a guy that's selling an early 70s 360 short block for $100. I don't know the condition of it, I am going to look at it tonight. If it's not a standard bore, I'm out. That's not really even my question.

He also has an A body 4 spd for sale. It doesn't say in the ad whether it's an OD unit or not, I guess I'll find that out tonight also.

I would like to offer him cash and see if I can get a deal. I am not interested in the 4 speed except to flip it and use the proceeds to finance another project on my Dart.

So after all that, I guess my question is what's an a body 4 speed worth? Assume that it's all there, and the shift forks move freely. Thanks!

Edit: I found this overdrive unit on Ebay and realized that I don't know how to tell an OD trans from a regular one! Any tips on spotting the difference?

Crap!! Here's one with a Hurst shifter and an aluminum bellhousing with a buy it now of $250!! My hopes of getting this thing cheap and flipping may have just gone out the window!! ht_500wt_0
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