Need 7 1/4 and leaf spring mounting brackets and bolts

I am in the process of restoring my 69 Barracuda and need to move my car around while my differential and other components are out for powder coating. I picked up an old 7 1/4 rear-end but need all the mounting hardware and brackets so I can roll my car out to get it to the paint shop. I do not need anything fancy just strong enough to get my car on the flat bed or behind a tow truck. What I need is:

- 2 leaf spring perches (that the u bolts pass through and the shocks attach to)
- 4 u-bolts and nuts
- 2 rear leaf spring mounting brackets (that bolt to the frame) and shackles
- 2 front leaf spring mounting brackets and nuts

PM me or send me an e-mail to
Shipments will be to 12919.

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