My Vc needs a birthday

have been putting it off for too long now,

my baby Vc 273 has been in dire need of a tune up including that last cam lobe (which didn't stop her taking me to two Chryslers on the Murray (un official national val run here)) and another carby, carter 2bbl doesn't do it for me.

The origonal plan was to drop my 360 4bbl in her and be done, but it lacks a certain, finese'.

How about a Dcoe weber and 90 degree runner matched to the origonal manifold (45 or 48, whatever turns up on ebay at the right price) with filter finishing just in front of the water pump in the engine bay.
Complimented by a big lift short duration solid cam of FABO's recomendation and a slippery centre for the factory fitted 3.23 diff.
Author: admin