My ultimate small block build.

So Im sitting at home on another rainy CT weekend dreaming about someday finishing the car and building the ultimate motor for it. My ultimate goal with this car is in this order.

1. Look mostly stock, under hood, interior and exterior need to look like a stock 340 Dart to most people.

2.Drive anywhere. I've had enough cars I could or at least didnt want to drive more then 5 miles away. I want to be able to put the wife and kids in it and go. It needs to run on pump gas and preferably not empty the tank in 20 minutes.

3 Comfort, drivablity. The car has power steering and power brakes which Im keeping and I would love to add an A/C set up. Im not worried about the idle sounding stock but it needs to build enough vacuum for the brakes.

The car has a cast iron 822O.D tranny and a set of 355s in the rear. Tires are only 225-70-14s, I'll probably go with 15s at some point but most likely wont go much bigger in tire size.

So if you were to build a streetable small block using stock intake, carb an exhaust manifolds how would you go about it ?

Im thinking

360, 4" stroker crank.
Scat I beam rods
Probably have to have custom made pistons to keep cylinder pressure low enough for pump gas with a smaller duration cam for power brakes.

Custom ground Hyd roller cam with a wide 112 LSA ?

Heads would be the difficult part.
Im think a set of W2s would be the best flowwing option that will still look stock to most people.

The stock exhaust manifolds could be ported to work with the larger W2 ports.

For an intake Mopar has a cast iron dual plane spread bore intake listed as part # P5249194

anyone have any other ideas or tips
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