My I hate computers rant

Spent the whole weekend setting up a new wireless router so I can use my laptop in the garage. Bought an HP Pavillion a couple of years ago while I was activated with the reserves. This was a pretty expensive computer too. Used it for a year, came home and it crashed on me. Sent it back to HP to have a new hard drive put in, mind you it was 2 months out of warranty, cost me $700 after it was all said and done. Got it back and never used it until now. I spent the whole weekend updating all the software and installing anti-virus software, and spyware programs. Now the damned thing is slow as hell, just hangs forever until it does anything if it does at all. Took the battery out and ran on just the adapter to see if that would do anything, since the battery is stone dead. Now it won't recognize my network. I'm about ready to throw this piece of crap out the 2nd story window! Wasted time that I could have been working on the Scamp. Not to mention the wasted money, over $2000 that I could have used toward the car. Did I mention that I hate computers? :angryfir:
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