My 70 Duster Big Block Car

Well, the whole reason I am doing this, is because my GF says my Duster is just sitting. Well, she is right. My Duster has been sitting for about 9 years now. About 4 years ago, I got the front suspension rebuilt, and dual exhaust from the crappy headers back to a pair of turn downs in front of the rear axle. , including an H pipe.

I have long wanted to put a Big Block in it, so with much prodding from my GF, I bought a 400 to stroke up to a 451. The plan is, Big Block conversion, Subframe connectors, Dana rear end with coil over and ladder bars ( I think )New floor pans and a tail panel, replace the cowl panel, Body work, and Plumb Crazy Purple paint, shark tooth grill, and the Dual Snorkel grill. Late Model Neon seats ( or something similar ) new black interior.

Attached are a few pix of my severely neglected 70 Duster with it's 340/727/8.75.


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