my 68 dart project part 2 continues

ok folks, I know its not much but its all progress right?? I got the front end disassembled and the rear out. Gonna start cleaning the parts and painting everything. still need the $$$ for the suspension kit. Anyone need a power steering gear box? What about a /6 K frame? I have the sb v8 K frame and a manul box thats going in. I want to take this time to thank all that has helped me gather parts for this car and didnt charge me an arm and a leg. Hope yall keep following and enjoy this build.
Make note that ALWAYS be aware that spiders love to nest in cars that have been sitting for years. I ran across a huge black widow on the rear brakes, took a photo but file is too large to post. I know how to resize but it requires a program that my new computer does not have. I still need the Z bar and ball studs and small parts for the 4 speed conversion. to see earlier threads:


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