My 1972 Duster…with new wheels and rear!

So I've had my Duster for 8 years now. I bought it right after graduation, and I did the front disc brake conversion, new hoses, exhaust manifold and such. I've been itching for a cosmetic change for quite sometime. It's a 225 car, and I will be doing the swap over to my 408 stroker this winter. Naturally I need a few other things done before that could happen. Well, I finally got it into the shop and got my new rear (8 3/4) out of a GTX in along with a set of S/S springs, and a set of shocks. We moved it in a bit so I could get some "larger" rubber in, all I need is that larger rubber now. I bought new(new to me) rims last year, and can finally use the 5X4.5 pattern!!

I'll try and get some pics of the new rear soon.

Here are the before and after pics. Comments and criticisms are more than welcome.

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