MT street radial sizing help?

Does anybody run the following MT Street Radial sizes on 10" wide wheels?
  • 295/65R15 #3762R
  • 275/60R15 #3754R

What I need to know is the section width (widest part of the tire).
I know that MT states that the widest rim is 9.5" for the 275/60, but I am not about to go out and buy new wheels for 1/2". MT will not give me a spec as they said that 10" rim is not recommended for the 275.
As for the 295/65 MT told me that the section width will be "about" 12.5" in section width, I would like a more accurate measurement.

If anybody can help me out I would greatly appreciate it as my current tires are rubbing and I don't want to have the same problem with my new tires.

Author: admin