Moving east… job… scared ,sell everything

I'm SCARED!! I've been trying to get a federal job ,I guess I'm thinking future and all that. Anyway I had my first interview this week. Sounded promising... Bethesda,Md.
I don't know if I can handle the life on the east coast. Wyoming is so peaceful and easygoing.It just now is setting in that this fantasy may come true. Wife and I are both nervous about it. She'll stay here for awhile til I'm sure about the job, and our house is on the market but......
I don't have to tell you all how crazy I know I am ...
We talked last night about it and I may be selling a pile of stuff, cars included..
I guess I was living in wonderland thinking this day may not come.. Am I going to like or get use to the eastcoast way of living???
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