More HP out of my 318

Right now I have a completely rebuilt 72 318 that runs excellent but I would like some more power without breaking the bank. Right now it is a stock bore, eddy performer intake and cam, holley 650 carb, 302 heads with 1.88 intake and 1.50 exhaust valves, heads were gasket matched to the intake and some bowl blending done. Mopar orange box. The car is a 4 speed with 3:55 gears. At this time I am running crappy stock exhaust manifolds with TTI 2 1/2 exhaust with H pipe. My questions are:

1. Will TTI headers make a huge difference with the 318 (I've read so many conflicting articles that I do not know what to believe).
2. Should I go with a hotter cam and if so any suggestions. I really love the streetability of the car right now but I am willing to compromise some to get some more power.
3. After reading up on the 302 heads, should I have left the smaller intake valves and went to the larger exhaust valves and if so could I rectify the problem by going with the larger exhaust valves. ( Will it make a big difference).
4. Is the 650 carb too much/too little for this setup.
I have a 340 with J heads that will eventually get built up, but not for a while. I figure I will use this 318 for a while since it only has about 2000 miles on it. So if I go get some more power for a reasonable price right now it will be worth it. I can eventually pull it and find another a body to put it in.
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