Mopars need more attention ?

Considering it was an article in October "Chevycraft" magazine, I don't give it much credence. I don't subscribe, but got a subscription from a relative for a gift. Anyway, they quoted a guy on page 29 as saying "The Mopars need a little more attention" regarding high-horse, small block race motors. This was from a shop called R and R Motorsports in Benton Illinois, they race vintage Trans-Am. I'm sure these guys know more than I'll ever know, but what would he be referring to that makes the Mopars less durable than the Chevy and Fords on the track ? He stated "the Chevy and Ford engines will run 8-10 races before they need attention, but we go through this engine every three races to make sure the bearings are okay". Also mentioned the "oiling voodoo" with Mopars even with all the mods to the engine, they still lose pressure on corners, this is new to me but I'm sure some here know exactly what this guy is talking about. Thanks.
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