Mopar W2 Heads and gear with intake…

Ok, im selling my project car and now some parts, Set of nice unported, unmolested econo W2 heads part # 3870810E ,they are dual exhaust pattern, come with 2.02/1.60 stainless valves with Hd springs with dampner.

Also included Mopar Perfrormance W2 Cast adjustable rockers with Hd banana groove shafts.

Also unmolested Mopar Performance W2 Single plane intake manifold # 4532155.

Last and least a set of OLD defunct W2 headers with adapters that are 1 1/2" primarys with a 2 1/2" collector. good for the flanges?

Priced to sell at $1200 for everything , i will ship these parts at cost. Located in Sothern Ca 93536 ,message me or please email

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