Health has reached a crunch so up for sale is my stack of Mopar Muscle magazines. I counted 72 issues in all. Full of great articles, how to's, tests and pics. I enjoyed reading them and keeping them as a resource, but now need to go. I bought these from various people, shows and online as I always liked Mopars. The magazines are all in pretty good shape for their age. They are NOT mint, never been read, sealed in plastic sleeves,brand new shape issues. They are good old fashioned previously read great magazines. Some that I bought online had things underlined or a tear here and there and one or two spots where a mail in was removed etc, but still useful and I enjoyed reading them as I'm sure you will. I believe one is missing its cover, but the rest are there. Thought I'd ask $40 or best offer for them plus ship at cost to where ever you are. Hope that is fair.

Of course, that is less than I paid collecting them up a few at a time (that $5 a whack at a show can add up)! At $40 that only works out to something like 55 cents each! Sound like a telly commercial yet? lol. As I said, "or best offer". Just trying to move them on to someone else who would enjoy them and have a use for them while gaining some much needed funds.

Here are the issues included: 1991 = Feb/Mar, Apr/May, Jun/July, Aug/Sept 1992 = May, Nov 1994 = Feb/Mar, Apr/May 1995 = Apr/May, Jun/July, June 1996 = Dec/Jan, Oct/Nov 1997 = Dec/Jan, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Oct, Nov 1998 = Mar, Apr, May, Jul, Nov 1999 = Apr, May, Jun, Aug 2000 = May, Jun, Sep 2001 = Jan, Feb, March, Apr, May, Jul, Sep, Oct, Dec 2002 = Jan,Mar, Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct 2003 = Feb, May, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 2004 = Feb, March, May, July, Aug,Sep, Oct 2005 = Feb,Jun,Oct 2006 = Mar 2007 = May, June

I've probably missed some out, but hopefully listed enough to show general range. As I said, I counted 72 issues in total with a few saying they were special editions. Ones that list the month like Dec/Jan for example, are a single mag that they put out to cover two months. Think that covers everything.

Really sort of prefer to sell the whole lot to someone to cut down on trips to the Post, but if you are in dire need of a certain issue then I guess we can talk about it.

Hope there is some interest. Make me an offer.

Please PM me to make an offer etc. as I'm not on the site much anymore as it takes some effort to sit in front of the computer. My wife leaves the email up though, and monitors it while working so she can let me know if someone emails. Located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Thanks for looking.

As a note, I've also got some magazine storage binders that allow you to put magazines in and then read them like a book. Hope that makes sense. They are Chevy magazine binders with a gold Chevy label of sorts on them, but I used them for holding my Mopar magazines. Work great! If interested in those for your mags then I have seven of them that I'd sell for $5 each plus ship.

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