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I am selling the old stuff that I took off my 70 Duster or didn't need during the restoration. I want to get rid of this stuff instead of tossing it in the garbage.

1) (Used) Rallye dash bezel & glovebox trim part. (part#s 2857668 & 2985451). The radio area is cut out and has the tip broken off the end where the mounting screw is located (broken parts it included). It does not include the clear lenses, turnsignal green lenses or flat metal mounting strip on the top. $30 obo + shipping.

2) (Used) Door handles (L & R) part#s 2935214 & 2935215. The 2935215 has some wear and tear from being used more on the drivers door. $10 obo + shipping.

3) (Used) Left side taillight lens (part# 3403715). Has a crack in the middle and the normal old plastic cracks around the screw bosses. $10 obo + shipping.

4) (Used) Spare tire lug wrench. Not sure what it goes to (E-body, B-Body, etc.). It measures 18" to the bend and 7.5" to the end. $10 obo + shipping.

5) (Used) Left and right side armrest bases (part#s 2789674 & 2789675). They have been repainted silver. They have the normal wear and tear of being used. $10 obo + shipping.

6) (New) Blower motor to firewall gaskets (4pcs). Includes the big round gasket, small center gasket, rectangular gasket, and a paper gasket. $5 + shipping.

7) (Used) Headrest chrome trim parts. They are pitted. Also included is a (New) headrest rebuild kit without the new chrome trim parts. $15 obo + shipping.

8) (New) YearOne B-body clear/white underhood wiring straps. Bag of 9pcs. $5 + shipping.

9) (Used) 20" Negative battery cable. The main lug has the battery cable pulled out of it. I assume that it can be repaired. $5 + shipping.

10) (New) Manual brake reservoir gasket (white). $2 + shipping.

11) (New) Steering shaft gasket (orange) (part# 4019278) plus (Used) steering knuckle parts (retainer,spring,pins,blocks) $5 + shipping.

12) (New) 8 aftermarket christmas tree clips for firewall insulation. $7 + shipping.

13) (Used & New) 5 OE style firewall insulation clips. (2 new & 3 used) $5 obo + shipping.

14) (New & Used) B-body 4spd Zbar ball stud (engine side). (chrome stud with ball on it) + a used Zbar sping clip). $5 + shipping.

15) (New) YearOne aftermarket hood bumpers (round ones that go on the screw adjusting posts) $3 obo + shipping.

16) (Used) A-body emergency brake strut rod retainer spring. $1 + shipping.

17) (Used) 1/2" thread 2-prong Door Jamb switch. $3 + shipping.

18) (Used) Misc. exhaust manifold mounting hardware (sandblasted). Included 2 long shaft bolts and 2 cone washers. $4 + shipping.

19) (Used) Bench seat lever chrome trim garnishes and 1 chrome knob. They have normal wear and tear and some small pitting. $5 + shipping.

20) (Used) Qty 1- 340 engine mount (7/8" thick). Good shape. $5 + shipping.

21) (Used) Qty 1- unknown engine mount (1 5/16" thick). Good shape. $5 + shipping.

22) (New) Aftermarket YearOne 3/8" x 24 thread 2-prong Door Jamb Switches . They fit 69-73 applications. $12 + shipping.

23 (Used) Reproduction Duster trunk mat. It is in very good shape. It is made by REM. It is felt backed (not rubber). I believe that it is the Herringbone pattern. $15.00 + shipping

24) (new) Alternator wire harness retaining clip. $6.00 USD + shipping

25) (Used) A pair of Valiant emblems. Part# 3680462. They are in OK shape for a driver. Some pitting and wear and tear scratches. They have the 3 mounting posts. No attacheing nuts/sleeves. Free + you pay shipping.

26) (Used) A pair of very nice Duster emblems. They are in great shape with the 3 mounting posts (like new). No retaining nuts/sleeves. $60 obo. + shipping

27) (Used) 71-76 A-body AM knob type radio (part# 2884750) with the trim plate. Motorola Mark VII. Not sure if it works. $30 + shipping.

Please email me for detailed pics and explanations if you are interested in something.


Jason Galaske

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