Milodon 340 Oil Pan

Used on my 340 for about 6 months. I'm getting a nw 360 built and have no use for the 340 pan.

Mildon 30936

LO PRO DESIGN for 340 Designed for 340 Chrysler engines where superior oil control and increased ground clearance is desired. Features increased oil capacity, which is an absolute must to handle the demands of higher RPM, while increasing oil control by raising the rear pan floor. Highly efficient horizontal baffles are used for oil control while the sump rear features added large tube header clearance. Due to pan being moved up toward crank, there is no room for a windage tray.
Pan Capacity is 7 Quarts Plus Filter -
7 3/4" Sump Depth

It's in great shape....

$300 new

Price is $200 FIRM + shipping

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