Melted B&M Shift Cable

Well, went for a test cruise to calibrate the electronic speedo last night. Pulled in the drive, put it park and ran in for a coke. Came back out and tried to put it in drive, no go. Cable was melted.

What pisses me off is that the cable was at least 2" from the primary header tubes and I had even made stand-offs to make sure it wouldn't touch. :angry7:

Just ordered one a 1' shorter. The loop will have to be somewhat tighter but the cable will be 4"+ away from any exhaust parts.

Next time I get a shifter it'll be the SCS Cheetah shifter. The cable exits toward the engine, wraps around the passenger side of the tranny and enters the rear. No header interference issues.

I Just hope this info helps someone out.
Author: admin