Looked at Another Dog Today……

Here he is: http://www.denvergov.org/AnimalContr...2/Default.aspx

Very good boy, pays attention, good disposition, seems to be trainable. Needs some beef on his bones and some TLC. He likes me and we bonded pretty well. He's a Rottie mix, I'm guessing he's mixed with cataloona hound. He's also quite a bit taller than Maxi, but not as thick through the chest. Great teeth and huge paws. He carries his rear end a bit odd, kinda floppy like but his hips seem fine.

I saw a pure bred rottie there too but he seemed unsure about himself and a bit skittish. A 150 lb skittish rottie is not a good thing. I'll be going back next week to check them both out again.

Just thought you all would like to take a look. Just click on dogs and check out A113094. He's got no name, just a number. He's got a big scar around his neck where he was tied up and left outside. :angry7: It should grow over with some good food and TLC.
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