Long shot, looking for mom’s 1974 Dart Sport, 360 4 speed !

Long shot, but here it goes....

Looking for the Dart that I grew up in. The car was uniquely optioned, so it might be pretty recognizable.

1974 Dart Sport. Chocolate / sh_t brown. 360 - 4 speed with Hurst shifter. Black interior, vinyl bench seat.
It was sold, in late 80's to an elderly lady. (Swear), who wanted something that didn't leak, so she could go bird watching (Swear!) Old gal even left us books on birdwatching, she thought us kids would enjoy the books!!
Last location, was Kansas City, KS.

Here are the identifiers
  • Dash will have teeth marks, passenger side. I was young and dumb, and the marks were there when we sold the car
  • Passenger seat hinge will have some welding. It had many years of kids slamming the the seat back, so my uncle welded the rod that the seat catch grabs on to.
  • Power brakes but Manual steering. black vinyl interior, NO A/C....:snakeman:
  • Car was repainted some time in Mid 80's. Color went on, but clear coat failed, so we ended up removing with paint thinner?
  • It might have been a bit of an underperforming car, as uncle swapped in a milder cam somewhere along the way, to help MPG, as this was our daily driver during the Gas Crunch in the 80's.
Car looks very much like the one listed below, except it had hubcaps, instead of Ralleye wheels. The hub caps image is listed below car picture.

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