LD340 or RPM Air Gap

Ok, so I now have my car running good (68 Barracuda), and I have this question in the back of my head all the time, so I figure I would ask it here and then it wont have to be in my head anymore...

A few months back I purchased a 340 that is now in the car with most of the major kinks worked out..

The motor is a 69 340 block and X heads, it was all a part and I checked it out..and it was put together for me, since I am new to this and that would have been a little out of my league (..maybe next time)

It came with a mopar purple cam(not sure of the lift numbers), windage trays, a holley 600 double pumper, and an LD340. I had to use my own bellhousing, starter and alternator that was in the car.

My big question is , I understand that the LD340 was a real good intake when it came out, but now adays we supposedly have higher technology(joke) (not that good of one), and I am wondering if I would see any/Big performance improvements if I switched over to the RPM Air Gap??

oh, I also have electronic ignition and a msd box...if that makes a differences....

any opinions/thoughts to shut the little voice in my head up would be appreciated...

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