Large lot of Factory Mopar Manuals for sale

Hi, thanks for the ad FABO!!
If you think I am outta line on my pricing, lemme know, but be nice about it!! LOL I have quite a few Mopar Service manuals for sale as well as some Chevy and Ford ones. All the manuals are in good but used shape! If you think I am outta line on my pricing, lemme know, but be nice about it, LOL these are not only cool to have/show, but can be as handy as heck!! A couple have front covers that arent attached, but still retain all their pages. I think the 68 plymouth one is missng the first 4 pages, and the front cover but its all just general info. I have tried to take photos as to describe their condition and what they cover. I just simply dont want to hoard these, I may end up keeping a few for my "Mopar display" in the garage, but if I keep/hoard any more stuff Im gonna need another cabinet!!

Here's the list
1965 service manual(yellow) $20
1965-66 2 manuals, (body and chassis section) $35
1967 Imperial service manual $10
1967 A100 - A108 service manuals $30 each, pair for $50
1967 Dodge Service manual, a few grease prints, but all there and in nice shape!! $30
1968 Imperial service manual $10
1968 Plymouth service manual(missing front cover and first 4 pages) I have the 1969 version for mine and it covers all Plymouth models so I believe this one does as well. $30
1968 Dodge Polara/Monaco Service manual, nice shape! $20
1969 American Motors Service Manual(Rambler, Rebel, AMX, Javelin, Ambassador) Pretty cool, the cover is starting to come off a bit, $35(cuz I wouldnt mind keeping it)
1969 Dodge Polara/Monaco Service Manual, Nice shape!! $20
1973 Dodge Dart, Challenger, Charger Coronet, Polara, Monaco Body Service Manua Nice Shape! $25

Here are the pics, and some more yet to come. If you need more description, pm me and I will give you an honest description. Lot pricing applies, or maybe some interesting trades. Yes a computer version of these are nice to have and print off, but the "in your hand" paper version is handy as heck!


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