J heads and Lunati cam question

Question from me to Lunati tech support:


I have the 60403LK cam kit that I want to use with stock SB Mopar J heads with 2.02 intake vales and stock 1.5 rocker ratio. What springs do you
recommend for the 60403LK cam kit? Is it possible to run a single spring
with this cam and which single spring do you recommend?
Answer from Lunati tech support:


If you have enough installed height we have some single springs that would
work but Chryslers are sort of known for their short installed height
springs. That's why the one we show for it, part #73949, is a double. Part
#73949K1LUN is springs, retainers and locks. The main thing is you have to
have enough pressure to control the cam to whatever rpm you want to turn. I
would say 100lbs seat and about 300lbs. open. I would assume you want a
single so it will fit on the head with no issues but a double will last a
lot longer. We don't have any singles unless you can get the installed
height up to 1.800" or so. In that case you could run #73126.
Anybody know the the typical install height on a J head?

73126 - Lunati Valve Springs Details

Description Single w/ Damper
OD 1.500''
ID 1.086''
Seat Load,Height/Load 1.800''/103
Open Load, Height/Load 1.250''/303
Coil Bind 1.100''
Max Lift 0.640''
Rate 364
Retainer 638-75702
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