It was meant to be!!!

Hello everyone,

My name is Brian and I recently purchased a 1966 Barracuda (as my user name suggests). In high school I was a member of the advanced auto courses and VICA. One of our brief projects was a 1966 Barracuda that was donated because the tranny was going. A decade later and a decade of tough times the car was purchased by the shop teacher to pay for class supplies... his son (just a few years older than I) was out playing in the local desert (we have plenty) and found a rut in daddy's work truck putting the frame 4 1/2 inches back. instant donor power train. the power trains were both removed and one of my friendly classmates & friend misread the torque specs for the torque converter turned 15inch lbs into 15 foot lbs instantly putting a hold on the class project until the next school year for funds to become available. the project was then cancelled indefinetly pending the sale of the car. i sold my '72 nova to help pay for the wedding and my '67 valiant sedan to bring her maid of honor down from oregon. the cashnever flowed and the car sat inthe only paint booth until another student with high hopes built the bottom end of the cuda's 225 .30 over but couldnt front the cash... three years later (& no project worth mention) my cousin is a senior @ said high school and as a birthday present she was so kind as to inquire (after much pushing, prodding & bribery) about the car. much to my surprise the car still sat mostly untouched since we buttoned her up june of 2005 with the same price tag he requested then. I immediately went to express my interest and after much discussion about my success (or lack there of) post high school I made a deal and had a car full of what used to be a cherry single owner 225 california car. i've been waiting for this A body for the past four years and i am convinced that she has been waiting for me. i look forward to putting this car back on the road with this forum as my guide. thank you in advance

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