Iron Ram heads from Hughes

Has anyone bought a set of these new heads for the 318/360 Magnum?
They are new cast iron castings and feature 2.02" intake valves, 1.62" exhausts, and reportedly out-flow the iron R-T head considerably.

They sell for $1,024.00 a SET (2) with a racing valve job and intake and exhaust valves installed. You just add your springs.

They seem like a good deal to me, but I thought I'd ask whether anyone has had any experience with them, yet.

Hughes claims they have thicker cross-sections where OEM Magnum heads are prone to cracking (across the area between the valve seats.)

I have a Hughes cam in my car and like it a lot. I'd buy a set of these heads, next, if they have proven to be "as advertised."

Any info wil be appreciated.

Bill, in Conway, Arkansas
Author: admin