Im back in it. better, stronger, (hopefully) faster!

I'm back in the game!
I have finally got enough motivation in myself to do something with the ragged old car in my garage (I FINALLY HAVE A GARAGE!).
I hope to build a solid 1974 duster with a 400 in a year or so, money permitting (tools and student loans, ugh...)
i have the car, i have a complete (running when pulled) 400, and a 9 1/4 rear end to be cut down. now i have to decide what my goals are so i can build the trans appropriately. I was promised a BB 727 trans thats apart, but all there.

big thanks to my buddy Nick Leroy, he wants to see me do it big. He has donated the engine, the rear end and the trans, along with numerous tows with his car trailer and time.

wish me luck!
I will be back from time to time with pics and updates.
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