I wanna drag race—-help

So, I have this 71 Duster 340 with a 4 gear, no engine and an 8 3/4 with 4:30 gears. I bought it to get back into drag racing which I haven't done for 30 years (kids and life have a way of changing priorities). I need lots of info and was hoping the very knowledgeable people on this great site might give me a hand. I have some specific questions that some of you may have some experience with so here goes:
How large of tire will fit in this car without tubbing, with the 4:30 gear I will need tall.

With the 340/360 stroker kits do I need forged crank and H beam rods for reliable 6800 RPM or will the cast crank with I beam be sufficient. I would like to run 10.5:1 comp.

With cost versus performance in mind will I save any money reworking a set of factory heads or am I just better off with a set of Edelbrock alum heads.

I,d like to run in the mid to low 12's and still cruise on weekends.Will I need a special driveshaft. FYI it already has yukon axles.

The car came with a 4 speed but is not original as the car was auto from the factory.
How do I find out if this tranny is beefy enough for my needs. Some #s cast into the main body are C 99129 V and some stamped above it are 6G118979.

Thank you in advance for any help.
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