I screwed up…torsion bar suggestions pls

Well, when we were taking the motor out several weeks ago we had to cut the drivers side exhaust because the manifold to exhaust bolts were frozen. Of course my nephew hit the torsion bar with the cut off wheel. (murphys law you know). I just saw the nick while he was scraping the undercarriage. Anyway, there is clearly a stress riser for a fracture there now.](*,)

The car is an original 318 a/c car. We are going to keep it a small block car for some street but mostly drag racing. Since I have to replace the torsion bars what are the best size bars to use. We want good weight transfer but don't want a bouncy car. 3.90 rear with XHD leafs, adjustable pinion snubber, 50/50 rear and 90/10 adjustable shocks if it matters. Thanks for the suggestions!
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