I need space more than I need these!

I've got a couple of things for sale, I have a meager garage and need the real estate way more than I need these...

318 Engine
-Acid Vatted and Magnafluxed, checks out good.
-Bored .030" with new pistons
-New Cam Bearings installed, all work done by Hempelman's Machine in Glendale, AZ
-A clean slate, ready for build.
Make me a reasonable offer

A999 Automatic Transmission
-Came out of a scrappy 72' Duster I parted out. Drove it 142 miles from where I bought it to my old house, shifted fine.
Make me a reasonable offer

Dana 60 Rear
-Came from a 1 ton Chevy Dually, Just the pumpkin and internals. Axle tubes have been removed.
-I can turn the input by hand, so everything moves freely.
-For some reason, A friend left this at my house 4 years ago, he no longer is with us, so I hate to just scrap it. It weighs more than my ex-wife, so be adivsed.
Make me a reasonable offer

I live in Lexington, South Carolina and have no idea how to ship items of this size. So if you live in faraway land, some help on how to get these to you would be useful, Thanks!:help:

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