I finally joined

I finally got off my butt and officially joined. I see a bunch of familiar names from moparts amongst other websites. Anyways, for those who don't know me, I am a serious mopar nut. Mostly b-bodies including a couple six pack bees and chickens as well as a hemi coronet and set of sequential VIN super bees (one of which is a survivor my dad bought new). Anyways, I dig the A-bodies and have an original panther pink 340 duster and I just built my girlfriend a panther pink dart. She is known as PINKSWINGER on the web. By the way, I was surprised nobody posted any of her pics in the hot mopar girls thread, so next time I'm at my computer, I guess I"ll have to. I just stumbled on a 70 B5 blue 340 dart that has been parked since the late 70s and even though it's not for sale, it will be coming to my garage to get some work done and get put back on the road. I'll be sure to post pics of it also. I'll be BSing with ya
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