I could use some advice non Mopar

First off I'm 23 and I graduate and got my Associates degree in Electronics Technology. Then I got job as a electronic tech for Halliburton and then got laid off on April 1 of this year having worked only 6 months there. Now I got my unemployeement denied for some reason, I can never get ahold of them on the phone. Ive put in 20 job apps in last few weeks and only one has called me back and that was few days ago. Ive been thinking about going back to college and getting my BS in Energy or Electrical Engineering. So do I need to keep looking for a job or take the summer off and go back to school and ride out this economy mess and hope for the best later. I have always wanted to my engineering degree. I really dont know what to do. Later I'm going to read the survival guide again. Thanks for the advice
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