I could have died.

Tonight I had class from 6pm until 8:30pm. After class I walked out to my car, unlocked the passenger door and put my books on the seat.

Being eager to get home, I was going to pop a pinch of chew in my lip on the drive home, but I thought, nah... it's a nice night out, I'll stand outside for a minute and do it.

After getting my pinch of chew, I hopped in my car and went on my way. I went down a couple of side streets and came to a very busy intersection with a light. The car that was 20 yards in front of me had a green light and started to enter the intersection to cross the busy street (going west).

A Ford F-150 doing about 45-50mph (going north) ran a red light and SLAMMED into the front of the car that was ahead of me, knocking off the front wheel and hub assembly, then the car spun and the tail end of the car hit the side of the truck, which then tore the rear bumper and gas tank out of the car.

There were parts everywhere. By everywhere, I mean like a 100 foot radius around the accident scene. I had a turn signal lens on the windshield of my car, sitting on the wiper arm.

The driver of the car was OK for the most part. Talking, moving, asking questions. The driver of the truck, got out, staggered around and took off running!! Me and three other guys took off after him. I was the lucky bastard who got to tackle the guy. After we were on the ground, he had a 330lb former linebacker on his head. I put my knee right on his head and held him there until the police came.

Later I found out he had a suspended license and he was DUI. The officer made me place him under citizens arrest since I witnessed his attempt to flee and I was the one who caught him.

So anyway, I told my wife tonight that chewing tobacco saved my life. She laughed and said, don't worry, it will kill you someday. :snakeman:

By the way, I noticed on the rest of my drive home that I waited a few seconds before entering an intersection when a light turned green. Weird how that shit teached you how not to be in a hurry.
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