i bought a 440…

a friend of my brother's has decided to get rid of all of his stuff because he is moving out and cant keep it all. So from there im called and told he has a 440and pretty much the short block to go along with it only its not assembled. i checked it out the block has already been bored 40 over but looks nice since its already had the work done to it, the pistons are 40 over (flat tops) cast crank has been turned already he gave me the rings for the pistons and threw in a new timing chain, cam with lifters (nothing special just a Crane rv type hydraulic), harmonic balancer and all the bolts for the block....for $200. i originally was gonna go the stroker route but now with this i am debating my options haha. What is really needed for me to put this thing in the car? its a 69 dodge dart, the front suspension has already been rebuilt with energy suspension stuff and it has the .092 torsion bars too.
P.S. how much more weight is going to be on the nose and can anyone say how much of a difference the handling was when they did the swap? o and can i still run power steering? i dunno why im asking its probably No haha
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