Hurt my neck bad at work today but briefly.

I just gotta share this.

My neck has been hurting me for a while now ever since I got rear ended while driving my Wifes Van 3 years ago.
When I tilt my head back it hurts a bit and sometimes worse than others like maybe a bone spur or something or a herniated disc.

I'm not the sueing type so I never pursued any type of damages, but to make a long story short.

I was under a car today on the ground loosening up a really tight oil drain plug.

I decided to put both hands to the wrench with my head cocked to the side and gave it all the muscle I had.
Finally the tension gave way like right now as I cracked the bolt loose but all of the sudden I had an excruciating lightning bolt of pain in the right side of my neck and I laid on the ground thinking for sure I just broke my freaking neck.
It hurt for about 15-20 seconds, then the pain subsided.

I kept my head on the ground since I did not want to try to lift it without trying out my side to side motion first.
Side to side was fine so I lifted my head slowly and got up off the ground.

I went through all the motions and my neck actually felt better than it did for a few years now.

No pain at all when I tilt my head all the way back and apply force.

The only explanation I can think of it that I may have had a vertebrae out of position and I just finally popped it back into place.

Does this make sense?
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