How P.O’d am I???

For the last three weeks I've been screwing around with some guy named Charles Tony Dunn on my runner. We negotiated a price, and had talked many, many times on the phone and emails.

Without getting in to all the particulars about what was holding him up in getting the money (borrowing it from the bank) today he says he had the money in hand and wanted me to deliver the car to Carlisle....1400 miles from home on about 12 hours notice.

So I get everything ready on my end which required a LOT of work only to have the guy TEXT me saying....."sorry, I can't buy your car"

What a pussy. He doesn't have the balls to actually TELL me. Makes me think this 4 year old was playin with me the whole time

I would never encourage anyone to call or write some A hole for jerkin me around like that. But as a "warning to all, his email is:
and in case you have a car for sale and want to avoid something like thi, his number is: 203-449-2862
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