holley question

Need some help with holley tuning. Have a 72 duster with 360 Engine has 13 to 1 compression Heads done by muscle motors Camshaft is mechanical 557 lift with 296 duration (engine was originally built for alcohol oval track car). Carb is a 750 holley with proform center dual 50cc acc pumps. Have tried several squirter sizes from #31-#46 all with about the same results. Total timing is set at 36 Rear axle ratio is 486 is a auto car with a 2500 stall converter. The problem is on take off car stumbles for a few seconds and then pulls very good, also when driving if you give it gas it hesitates for a second then goes and this happens at all speeds also car seems to flood very easy. Have tried a 650 carb and with this it does not flood as easy but same hesitation. Spark plugs appear to be good, light brown in color. Car is ran on strictly turbo blue race fuel due to compression. Any help would be apprieciated ,Thanks
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